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Games in the "Robotron " Franchise

Robotron: 2084
1982 - Robotron: 2084
Arcade Games, BBC Micro, Commodore 64, Atari 5200, VIC-20, Atari 8-bit, Apple II, PC, Atari 7800, Atari ST, Lynx, Mobile, Xbox 360, Atari 2600
In 2084, man creates a species of super-advanced cyborgs known as Robotrons. Recognizing the imperfect nature of their creators, the Robotrons conclude that the inefficient human race must be exterminated. Only you and a single family of clones remain. If mankind is to survive, you must destroy...
1983 - Blaster (1983)
Arcade Games
Blaster is an Action game, developed by Vid Kidz and published by Williams, which was released in 1983.
Robotron X
1996 - Robotron X
PlayStation, PC, Nintendo 64
Save Humanity! In 2084, Mankind perfects The Robotrons, a robot species so advanced that humans are inferior to their own creation. Guided by their infallible logic, the Robotrons conclude: "The Human Race is inefficient and therefore must be destroyed." Start movin' because YOU are the last...


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