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Games in the "Road Rash" Franchise

Road Rash
1991 - Road Rash
Genesis, Amiga, 3DO, Sega Master System, GameGear, PlayStation, Sega CD, Saturn, PC, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Mobile
No Speed Limit? No Rules? No Problem! Blow 14 opponents off the backroads of California in the most illegal, unofficial and dangerous race there is. Kick and punch your opponents outta the way at 150 mph. Snatch a club - if you wanna do some real damage. Avoid cows, road blocks, oil spills and...
Road Rash II
1993 - Road Rash II
Road Rashing isn't just a sport. It's an attitude! Road Rash II is the ultimate 2-player racing game with a radically unique split-screen for distinguishing between racers. Cruising cross-country was never this hairy! Spectacular new body-torquing wipe outs! More obstacles to crash into than ever...
Road Rash 3
1995 - Road Rash 3
The Rash is back in the latest, nastiest, baddest race game for your Genesis. This time there's five NEW weapons, including the cattle-prod and crow bar. NEW race tracks take you across the globe, from the Aussie Outback to nighttime urban Japan. NEW modes raise the ante with the other Rashers...
Road Rash 3D
1998 - Road Rash 3D
The ultimate fight to the finish line! Road Rash returns in spectacular 3D! A full-contact, teeth-clenching blast on treacherous canyon ridges, high-speed freeways, and crowded city streets where twisted bikers tear through a gauntlet of combat racing. All-new 3D world with 100 miles of...
Road Rash 64
1999 - Road Rash 64
Nintendo 64
180 MPH slap in the face, anyone? Multi-player modes for up to four players including Deathmatch, Cop Mode and Tag. New weapons and moves like the dreaded spoke jam. Intense pack brawling, including grudges and alliances. 200 miles of interconnected tracks and environments. Over 25 bikes and...
Road Rash: Jailbreak
2000 - Road Rash: Jailbreak
PlayStation, Game Boy Advance, GameCube
Road Rash Jailbreak puts combat racing right in the palm of your hand. You'll join a motorcycle gang in its attempt to break a friend out of jail. In each motorcycle race, you can use kicks, punches, and weapons to knock your competitors off their bikes. The game features multiple tracks and...
Road Rash: Next Generation
Canceled - Road Rash: Next Generation
PlayStation 2
Road Rash: Next Generation is a Racing game, published by Electronic Arts, which was cancelled before it was released.