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Games in the "Angry Fish" Franchise

Angry Fish
2011 - Angry Fish
Xbox 360
In this sequel to the critically acclaimed physics based action title FishCraft, the cats have gone too far!! Experience an epic tale of deceit and revenge as the fish take the fight to the cats homeland in 42 levels of extreme destruction.
Angry Fish: Deep Sea
2012 - Angry Fish: Deep Sea
Xbox 360
A family tragedy leads to an epic tale of intrigue and revenge. This time around the Angry Fish are leaving the sky to the birds and the fight is diving to new depths in the deep sea. Return to the battlefield with 63 uniquely puzzling levels.
Angry Fish: Halloween
2012 - Angry Fish: Halloween
Xbox 360
The Angry Fish are enjoying a hauntingly fun Halloween, when the cats decide they want something more tasty than candy or birds. After a successful trick the cats have the treat they have been after. Now its up to the fish to rescue their friends in 63 action packed levels!!


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