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Games in the "Runabout" Franchise

Felony 11-79
1997 - Felony 11-79
Complete your mission against the clock by smashing through shopping malls, police cars and other hazards, whilst grabbing the goods. With over 20 different vehicles for extra replay value, it's a destruction game you won't forget.
Runabout 2
1999 - Runabout 2
In Runabout 2 you have been recruited by a secret agency to undertake a range of dangerous, hi-octane driving missions. Only you can help save the world by tearing through the city streets in one of many crazy vehicles. Along the way you can unlock over 90 secret items to help you in your...
Super Runabout: San Francisco Edition
2000 - Super Runabout: San Francisco Edition
White-knuckle it through the streets of San Francisco in Super Runabout, the ultimate go-anywhere driving game. Drive anywhere you want through parks, buildings, garages and more ... just don't let silly things like traffic laws get in the way of a little fun. Take Control of Over 25 Unique...
Runabout 3 Neo Age
2002 - Runabout 3 Neo Age
PlayStation 2
Go anywhere, smash anything that gets in your way. It's not always about driving well in New York - sometimes it's about getting from A to B by any means. If it involves taking out a few cars, buses, fire engines, taxis, delivery vans, telephone boxes, jumping a few ramps, making a few...
Crash City Mayhem
2012 - Crash City Mayhem
Fasten your seatbelts and take a thrill ride through Crash City, causing mayhem wherever your tires take you! You are an undercover spy working for a top secret agency; you never know who to trust! Race down the streets earning points for destroying anything that gets in your way while completing...


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