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Games in the "The Zombie Shotgun Massacre" Franchise

The Zombie Shotgun Massacre
2010 - The Zombie Shotgun Massacre
Xbox 360
RPG meets zombie apocalypse in this action packed 2D retro styled adventure. Play as Alice, a young woman with a huge shotgun and a green bikini. Blast zombies away, find collectables to exchange, carry out dangerous missions to advance the plot and try to escape the massacre. Good Luck!
The Zombie Shotgun Massacre 2
2010 - The Zombie Shotgun Massacre 2
Xbox 360
Alice returns in this action packed sequel to continue her fight for survival! Battle through all new environments, fight new types of zombie and take on new quests to advance the plot. Survival horror has never been so real!
Zombie Shotgun Massacre 3
2015 - Zombie Shotgun Massacre 3
Xbox 360
Annihilate hordes of undead weirdos, scavenge for supplies, rescue survivors, search for your lost friend and thwart an evil genius. All in a days work for Alice as she returns to exact another Zombie Shotgun Massacre!


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