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Games in the "Elemental Monster" Franchise

Elemental Monster: Gochuushin no Nazo
2007 - Elemental Monster: Gochuushin no Nazo
Elemental Monster: Gochuushin no Nazo is a Strategy game, developed and published by Hudson, which was released in Japan in 2007.
ElementalMonster TD
2009 - ElementalMonster TD
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Elemental Monster TD combines trading cards with tower defense into an amazing new style of game!Deploy the capabilities of these distinctive cards to defend your base against the attacking enemy monsters. [GAME FEATURES] 50 original and amazing cards to choose from!*You can have up to 5 cards in...
Creature Defense
2009 - Creature Defense
Creature Defense will place gamers in a variety of stunningly illustrated worlds where they will be tasked with defending their land from invading attackers. After creating a deck where players take into consideration the types, tolerability and elements of the enemy, the onslaught begins and...
Elemental Monster
2010 - Elemental Monster (2011)
PlayStation 3
In Elemental Monster, winning is everything. Practice makes perfect through the single player competition with over 10 hours of gameplay. Once ready, gamers can take their skills online via the PlayStation Network and jump into the arena. Winning online tournaments allow unlocks to exclusive...


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