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Games in the "Pangya/Super Swing Golf" Franchise

2004 - Pangya
Pangya is a Sports game, developed by Ntreev Soft and published by Gamepot, which was released in Japan in 2004.
Super Swing Golf
2006 - Super Swing Golf
Yell out "fore!" with the friends and family while taking virtual swings in the Wii exclusive Super Swing Golf (SSG)! Taking full advantage of the unique Wii Remote, SSG lets players use their bodies to take actual golf swings while playing on vibrantly colored fantasy golf courses. You...
Super Swing Golf Season 2
2007 - Super Swing Golf Season 2
So what's the ideal golfing experience? Super Swing Golf 2 has got an idea for you! It includes even more courses and costumes than its first installment, including those of Ryu Hayabusa and Rachel from Ninja Gaiden. New modes such as the tour mode will allow players to acquire new items and...
Pangya Fantasy Golf
2008 - Pangya Fantasy Golf
In PANGYA: Fantasy Golf, players practice and perfect their swing on the nine fantasy fairways of Pangya Island. Combining golf gameplay, endless customization options and a slew of sassy female characters set in beautiful environments, PANGYA: Fantasy Golf is based on the global PC MMO PANGYA...
Pangya: United
2011 - Pangya: United
Pangya: United is a Sports game, developed and published by SG Interactive, which was released in 2011.


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