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Games in the "Perfect Dark" Franchise

Perfect Dark
2000 - Perfect Dark
Nintendo 64, Xbox 360
Step into the Dark... As Carrington Institute's most promising new Agent, Joanna Dark must uncover the truth behind the dataDyne Corporation's recent technological breakthroughs - breakthroughs which could have serious consequences for mankind.
Perfect Dark
2000 - Perfect Dark (GameBoy Color)
Game Boy Color
Joanna Dark has almost finished her training, but she isn't a Carrington Institute agent just yet. She has only one test left - but this time, her mission is for real. In it, she will uncover a far-reaching conspiracy that will introduce her to the shadowy dataDyne Corporation and hint at things...
Perfect Dark Zero
2005 - Perfect Dark Zero
Xbox 360
Joanna Dark is back in the Perfect Dark prequel, Perfect Dark Zero. When a routine mission uncovers a global conspiracy, it's up to you to get to the bottom of it. You take control of Special Agent Joanna Dark as she tries to become the perfect agent by unraveling the plot she's discovered....


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