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Games in the "Paperboy" Franchise

1983 - Paperboy
Atari 8-bit, Arcade Games, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, BBC Micro, Sinclair ZX81/Spectrum, NES, Atari ST, PC, Apple II, Amiga, Game Boy, Lynx, Sega Master System, Genesis, GameGear, Game Boy Color, Mobile, Xbox 360, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Hop on your bike for a free-wheeling ride up the avenues of not-so-typical suburbia. There are papers to be delivered, robbers to be foiled, and fame and fortune to be won as you brave the mean streets. Avoid motorcycles, tricycles, traffic, tires, gratings, curbs, dogs, skateboarders,...
Paperboy 2
1991 - Paperboy 2
Super Nintendo, Amstrad CPC, PC, NES, Game Boy, Genesis, GameGear, Amiga, Sinclair ZX81/Spectrum
Rise and shine, bud! A great day's ahead, just waiting for you to become the neighborhood's terror of a paperboy. but it's a whole new job with double the fun and twice the excitement! That's right, you've now got houses on both sides of the street - which means even more customers' homes to...
1999 - Paperboy (1999)
Nintendo 64, PlayStation
There's a new Paperboy on your block! The arcade classic returns in 3D for an added dimension of fun. Deliver the Daily Sun while dodging grumpy neighbors, mad gorillas, vampires, and tornadoes. Find hidden routes and get air doing freestyle bike tricks. Only Paperboy can save the town from...
Paperboy / Rampage
2005 - Paperboy / Rampage
Game Boy Advance
Paperboy: Extra! Extra! Local boy gets new route and is ready to roll! The arcade hit comes home with all of the features that made it a classic. Get the papers delivered while avoiding cars, kids, pets, potholes and more. Rampage: Shocking! Scumlabs International has made yet another mistake by...
PaperBoy: Wheels on Fire
2009 - PaperBoy: Wheels on Fire
Mobile, BlackBerry
PaperBoy: Wheels on Fire is an Action game, developed by Runestone Games and published by In-Fusio, which was released in 2009.
Paperboy: Special Delivery
2010 - Paperboy: Special Delivery
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
A veritable classic from the golden age of video gaming returns to a new route on the iPhone/smartphone/mobile platform! The arcade game you remember from the 80's has been brought back to life with updated graphics and a new Story Mode with more forgiving game-play mechanics. As the Paperboy,...