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NFL Quarterback Club
1993 - NFL Quarterback Club
Game Boy, Genesis, Super Nintendo, GameGear, Sega 32X
It's a 32x blitz... NFL Quarterback Club upgrades the action with the most authentic gridiron game play and '94 QB and team attributes! All-new advanced passing gives you 80 yards of viewable field to hit the open man, multi-view perspectives heat up the running game with in-your-face action and...
NFL Quarterback Club II
1995 - NFL Quarterback Club II
Game Boy
This isn't just any game - it's NFL QUARTERBACK CLUB. Huddle up with the NFL's top quarterbacks and their signature plays! Comprehensive game stats and updated NFL rules stretch your gridiron skills to the breaking point. Practice is over! NFL Quarterback Club.... Real Football For Real Players!
NFL Quarterback Club 96
1995 - NFL Quarterback Club 96
Game Boy, Super Nintendo, Saturn, GameGear, PC, Genesis, PlayStation
The ultimate in football realism! Ultra-smooth cam lets you review the action from any angle and distance. Hyper audibles let you choose over 50 plays - no pausing! Historic simulation mode lets you change history in over 50 game-breaking situations. Break the tackle or be tackled? The power...
NFL Quarterback Club 97
1996 - NFL Quarterback Club 97
PC, PlayStation, Saturn
Next Generation Graphics Authentic, fully rendered 3-D stadiums Play from up to 5 camera views or create your own Realistic player movement through "Motion Capture Technology" NFL Realism All 30 NFL teams and players including new 1996 rookies Artificial intelligence learns and...
NFL Quarterback Club 98
1997 - NFL Quarterback Club 98
Nintendo 64
Exclusive NFL license for the 97-98 season. All 30 NFL teams, 3D rendered stadiums and over 1,500 players. Comprehensive NFL playbooks includes plays designed by two-time NFL MVP Brett Favre! Fifty historic and custom simulations allow gamers to replay classic NFL games and create new...
NFL Quarterback Club 99
1998 - NFL Quarterback Club 99
Nintendo 64
The #1 football game on N64 just got a whole lot better! All 31 NFL teams, 3D rendered stadiums and over 1,500 players. Authentic team playbooks like the 49ers West Coast Defense and Steelers Ground Attack. All-new artificial intelligence developed by New York Jets offensive coordinator Charlie...
NFL Quarterback Club 2000
1999 - NFL Quarterback Club 2000
Nintendo 64, Dreamcast
NFL Quarterback Club 2000 is here! Featuring 3rd generation ultra high-rez graphics for incredible NFL realism, over 1,200 new motion captured animations, all-new Pin Point Passing for unprecedented control, new player models with real-life faces, eye black and breathe strips. Choose from 31...
NFL QB Club 2001
2000 - NFL QB Club 2001
Dreamcast, Nintendo 64
All 31 NFL teams and 1,500 NFL players. Create and manage your own team. 31 team-specific playbooks or create your own. Play-by-play from Mike Patrick and Randy Cross. Precision artificial intelligence for real NFL gameplay. All-new Shoulder Charge feature for busting through defenders. Replay...
NFL Quarterback Club 2002
2001 - NFL Quarterback Club 2002
PlayStation 2, GameCube
Get into the exclusive Quarterback Challenge mode with 4 tough head-to-head events. Compete as a current QB or create your own. Unlock retired greats such as John Elway and Steve Young. Experience authentic NFL action with 5 different modes of gameplay. Get into the action with the only football...
NFL Quarterback Club 2003
Canceled - NFL Quarterback Club 2003
PlayStation 2, Xbox
NFL Quarterback Club 2003 is a Sports game, developed and published by Acclaim, which was cancelled before it was released.