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Games in the "Nano Assault" Franchise

2005 - Nanostray
This 3D action shooter for the DS features multiplayer network play, dual screen support, and more. Now you can track down your enemies and manage weapons via DS' touch screen.
Nanostray 2
2008 - Nanostray 2
The pulse-pounding 3D shooter returns to the DS in Nanostray 2. Configure your own powerful weapons and master over 30 challenges to unlock more action. Discover beautiful worlds and frightening bosses in the most intense shooter available on the DS!
Nano Assault
2011 - Nano Assault
3DS, 3DS
In Nano Assault, players blast their way through 32 twisted cell stages and dark worlds with rugged landscapes that adjust in difficulty based on the player's skill level. Prepare to battle and defeat extreme nemeses including the Black Nucleus, Hyper Blobs and Spore Plants using powerful beams,...
Nano Assault Neo
2012 - Nano Assault Neo
Wii U, PlayStation 4
A fast paced shoot'em'up set in a microscopic world. Play the game on the WiiU Gamepad. Local Multiplayer with WiiU Gamepad and TV Screen. Compare your hiscores with player around the world.


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