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Games in the "Poker Face Paul" Franchise

Poker Face Paul's Blackjack
1993 - Poker Face Paul's Blackjack
Play the card game where the phrase Hit me can win you a fortune or wipe you out at the turn of a card! Poker Face Pauls Blackjack turns you loose in the gambling capitals of the world and gives you a run for your money! House Rules let you select from 4 different casinos and 4 different ways...
Poker Face Paul's Gin
1994 - Poker Face Paul's Gin
Slap down your winning cards against a trio of pros and become the Master of Meld. Whether youre a GIN genius, or have never shuffled a deck, this game is a card-carrying blast! Pick from 3 opponents and 3 difficulty levels. Learn the GIN ropes with Jack. Toughen up your strategy against Jane....
Poker Face Paul's Poker
1994 - Poker Face Paul's Poker
Take your chances against the odds, playing Five Card Stud or Video Poker. Feel the rush of a monster hand! Tension mounts as you draw your last card. Ace...a royal flush! You Win! In Stud Poker, cut the deck with three other computer players. Vary the number of hands played from 10 to...
Poker Face Paul's Solitaire
1994 - Poker Face Paul's Solitaire
Four different addictive Solitaire games challenge you to deal the cards. Shuffle the deck and lay out a promising set. Flip the next card - it's the winning Ace! The more you play, the better you get. It's not luck, it's skill! 4 popular Solitaire styles - from everyone's favorite Klondike to...


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