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Games in the "Pucca" Franchise

Pucca Power Up
2010 - Pucca Power Up
Pucca Power Up features six episodes following central characters Pucca and Garu through their adventurous love story. This quirky mismatch between the daughter of a noodle seller and a ninja challenges players to help Pucca and Garu on their quest for true love. Players will also learn new...
Pucca Noodle Rush
2011 - Pucca Noodle Rush
iOS (iPhone/iPad), DS
SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL OFFER $0.99!!! Make sure the frantic fun doesn’t melt your noodle in the time management game spectacular starring beloved cartoon icon Pucca The latest video game based on the global smash Pucca franchise sees the inimitable Pucca take on the restaurant business, with...
Pucca's Kisses Game
2011 - Pucca's Kisses Game
Pucca has one great dream in her life: to kiss the sweet and tender Garu, a little ninja who hasn't the slightest desire to do so. But Pucca is a young lady who is as much in love as she is stubborn in her pursuit of Garu - she is truly determined to cover him with kisses. Pucca's kisses game is...
Touch Me Pucca Classic
2011 - Touch Me Pucca Classic
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
“ Touch and Play with Pucca ! " Touch Me Pucca Classic is a First Title of “Touch Me” Game Series. Welcome to the brand new puzzle game. You have to setting the Pucca toy shelf to rights from big size toy to small size toy within 60 second....
Touch Me Pucca Speed
2011 - Touch Me Pucca Speed
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
“Touch and Play with Pucca!” Touch Me Pucca Speed is a Second Title of “Touch Me” Game Series. Welcome to the brand new puzzle game. Your job is boxing the biggest Pucca toy on the conveyor belts as possible you can....
Pucca's Restaurant
2011 - Pucca's Restaurant
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
The fate of a restaurant rests squarely in your hand. Begin as an unknown chef and work your way up to a world class culinary master status.Design an aesthetic but yet functional restaurant, serve up 70 different recipes, and check out how your friends or neighbors are decorating through the...
Pucca's Race for Kisses
2011 - Pucca's Race for Kisses
- A fun-filled and interactive cartoon that can be played by 2 players - Find the world and characters of the Pucca series - A game for the small and big fans of Pucca - Game and manual in English
2011 - PuccaGolf
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
??? PUCCA GOLF ??? -collect ten kinds of Pucca characters in Pucca golf.-open 72 beautiful golf courses.-collect golds and change the clothes to others and buy stronger golf clubs.-improve your skill and challenge todays ranking in multiplay."To commemorate launching, we are offering a 50%...
Pucca Theme Park
2012 - Pucca Theme Park
Online/Browser, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Pucca Theme Park is a Miscellaneous game, developed and published by Incredible Studio, which was released in 2012.


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