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Games in the "Tap Tap Arcade" Franchise

Tap Tap Arcade
2016 - Tap Tap Arcade
Wii U
Double the Fun! In TAP TAP ARCADE you get two of our most popular titles in one convenient package. This pack includes DON'T CRASH - a quick fire change lanes driving experience, and SPIKEY WALLS - our super popular "flappy" game of avoiding spikes. Share your high scores on Miiverse!
Tap Tap Arcade 2
2016 - Tap Tap Arcade 2
Wii U
SKEASY is a simple, addictive, high score chaser - set in a winter wonderland. Slide down the White Mountains avoiding the trees as you rack up a high score. Bundle up, its cold! Also includes an exclusive all new adventure - VOLCANO. Watch out for the lava chasing after you!
Tap Tap Arcade 3
Canceled - Tap Tap Arcade 3
Wii U
Tap Tap Arcade 3 is a Miscellaneous game, developed and published by RCMADIAX, which was cancelled before it was released.


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