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Order Up!
2008 - Order Up!
Welcome to Port Abello, one of the most important locations on the culinary map. As the town's newest upcoming, chef you have a lot to prove. After learning your trade in a local fast food joint, you decide to buy your own local diner. But being the proud owner of your own restaurant isn't your...
Order Up!!
2011 - Order Up!!
PlayStation 3, 3DS, PC, PlayStation Vita
In Order Up!!, players get to experience the dizzying life of a top-notch chef and restaurateur as they prepare all types of food, serve hordes of demanding patrons, and build their own restaurant empire from the ground up. Beginning in the world of fast food, new cooks must prove themselves by...
Order Up!! To Go
2012 - Order Up!! To Go
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Time to release the chef inside you…Order Up!! To Go is a delicious blend of frantic kitchen cooking and restaurant empire building. Chop, roll, slice, and dice your way to culinary stardom. Optimized specially for iOS, featuring perfect controls and comic kitchen action, this is one time...
Order Up!! Food Truck Wars
2012 - Order Up!! Food Truck Wars
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
With over 4 Million Downloads and a 4.5 Star Rating, Order Up!! To Go is a SMASH HIT on iOS! Now it’s time to try Order Up!! FOOD TRUCK WARS, a BRAND NEW MULTI-PLAYER game to play WITH FRIENDS!Compete with friends in this unique new puzzler that brings together the whacky world of Order...
Order Up!! Fast Food
2014 - Order Up!! Fast Food
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Order Up!! Fast Food is an Action game, published by Chillingo, which was released in 2014.


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