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Games in the "Star Soldier" Franchise

Star Soldier
1986 - Star Soldier
NES, MSX, Commodore 64, Game Boy Advance
A strange and evil presence is lurking in space. Crushing everything in its path, destroying spaceships full of innocent people, the brutal Starbrain is threatening the entire Galactic Empire. Starbrain, a giant computer programmed only for destruction, inhabits an enormous space station, guarded...
Starship Hector
1987 - Starship Hector
In the Star Year of 2038, the 4th world war on Earth destroyed all of mankind. The Starship Hector was thousands of light years away on an exploration mission. Upon their return to what is now ancient Earth, the Starship Hector found Earth to be desolate and inhabited by gruesome bio-mechanical...
Blazing Lazers
1989 - Blazing Lazers
Stay alert! Don't blink! You're in the fight of your life. The defense of Planet Earth against the Dark Squadron hangs on your hair-trigger shooting and superior strategy. But win or lose, you and your 80-ton lazer gunship are going to make things HOT. Increase destructive capabilities by...
Super Star Soldier
1990 - Super Star Soldier
Move fast and blast! It's a nonstop explosion of fire power and you're streaking through space, right in the middle of it! The Brains Cult you once defeated is back, badder than ever. But your finger's on the trigger of an incredible new techno-attack! Scorch the Scorpion with a nuclear a sting....
Final Soldier
1991 - Final Soldier
A vertically scrolling shooter from the well-known Soldier series. In the 23rd century, invaders from the future suddenly attack Earth. Controlling a fighter created by the worlds scientists, you rise to meet the enemy. Collect power-up units, such as LASER, E-BEAM, FIRE, and MISSILE, and then...
Star Parodier
1992 - Star Parodier
Turbo CD
Star Parodier is an Action game, developed by Inter State and published by Hudson, which was released in Japan in 1992.
Soldier Blade
1992 - Soldier Blade
Destroy the enemy, Zeograde Army!! Searching for new resources, the Reconnaisance Fleet goes into the deep space. But four months after their mission begins, all contact is lost. Suddenly, three years later.... the Fleet returns, but they have been consumed by alien life forms. Now they have...
Caravan Shooting Collection
1995 - Caravan Shooting Collection
Super Nintendo
Caravan Shooting Collection is a Miscellaneous game, developed and published by Hudson, which was released in Japan in 1995.
Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth
1998 - Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth
Nintendo 64, Arcade Games
In the year 2098 mankind had been critically attacked by a military force from Zeograd, a hostile planet in a far off galaxy. Commander Parker Deehan of Special Interception Airforce (SIA) decided to deploy and pilot the F98 Star Soldier fighter craft into the front line of battle against...
Star Soldier
2003 - Star Soldier (2003)
GameCube, PlayStation 2, Mobile, PSP
The best of breed scrolling shooter of the Nintendo Entertainment System returns in this smash wireless hit! This is a sole warrior's mission to rid the galaxy of the sinister Star Brain life forms that now control 16 huge areas of space. It's going to be tough but your starship, the Caesar, can...
Hudson Best Collection Vol. 5: Shooting Collection
2006 - Hudson Best Collection Vol. 5: Shooting Collection
Game Boy Advance
Hudson Best Collection Vol. 5: Shooting Collection is a Miscellaneous game, developed and published by Hudson, which was released in Japan in 2006.
Star Soldier R
2008 - Star Soldier R
Star Soldier R is a new kind of shooter where players aim for the best scores within a two- or five-minute time limit. Develop various scoring strategies, and pump out those points within the breakneck time frame. Assembled in record time to counter the advance of a powerful enemy, the mysterious...
Soldier Collection
2008 - Soldier Collection
Soldier Collection is a Miscellaneous game, developed and published by Hudson, which was released in Japan in 2008.


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