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Games in the "Stardust" Franchise

1993 - Stardust
Amiga, Atari ST, PC
Stardust is an Action game, developed by Bloodhouse and published by Daze Marketing, which was released in Europe in 1993.
Super Stardust
1994 - Super Stardust
Amiga, Amiga CD32, PC
There's a way out there... and it's coming your way. Gigantic meteors hurtle toward Earth, promising mass death and destruction unless you can stop them. Warring aliens thunder through the starbelts, intent on taking advantage of mankind's stretched resources. You are the world's leading aerial...
Super Stardust HD
2007 - Super Stardust HD
PlayStation 3
Super Stardust HD is a fully updated version of the classic game Stardust. Your mission is simple: destroy everything in sight! With five highly detailed 3D planets to save, hordes of enemies and asteroids to destroy, and various game play modes, Super Stardust HD presents super intense action.
Super Stardust Portable
2008 - Super Stardust Portable
Super Stardust Portable brings the PLAYSTATION Network favorite, Super Stardust HD, to the PSP system. In this classic arcade shooter and cult favorite, the player's mission is simple: destroy everything in sight! Based on Super Stardust HD, the game has been tuned and redesigned to take...
Super Stardust Delta
2012 - Super Stardust Delta
PlayStation Vita
Blast through an addictive shooter where one wrong move could be your last. Create incredible black holes using the touchscreen, blast asteroids to pieces using the dual analog sticks and deploy devastating shock waves with motion sensitive gameplay. Enjoy classic gameplay modes from Super...
Super Stardust Ultra
2015 - Super Stardust Ultra
PlayStation 4
Protect humanity Youre our only hope Set a course for the stars once again as the fight to defend civilisation from alien attackers blasts onto PS4. You are the last remaining star fighter in the midst of a deadly meteor storm and only your split-second timing and twin-stick shooting...
Super Stardust Ultra VR
2016 - Super Stardust Ultra VR
PlayStation 4
Explode into the classic PlayStation shooter with a whole new perspective get ready to defend your planet once more, this time from inside the cockpit of your powerful star fighter. Get into very centre of the action and fight using intuitive controls only possible with PlayStation VR: simply...