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Games in the "Karateka" Franchise

1984 - Karateka
Apple II, NES, Commodore 64, PC, Atari 7800, Amstrad CPC, MSX, Sinclair ZX81/Spectrum, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Karateka is an Action game, developed and published by Broderbund, which was released in 1984.
Master Karateka
1989 - Master Karateka
Game Boy
Master Karateka is an Action game, developed by TOSE and published by Bandai Shinsei, which was released in Japan in 1989.
2012 - Karateka (2012)
Xbox 360, PC, iOS (iPhone/iPad), PlayStation 3, Wii U
*IMPORTANT* Karateka requires iPhone 4S or newer, iPad 2 or newer, or 5th-gen iPod Touch. "Instantly, addictively fun" -MacLifeKarateka will charm you with its classic love story set in feudal Japan. Fight to save the lovely Mariko from the evil warlord Akuma and reunite her with her True Love!...


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