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Games in the "Lunar" Franchise

Lunar: The Silver Star
1992 - Lunar: The Silver Star
Sega CD, Saturn, PlayStation, Game Boy Advance, PSP, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Welcome to the world of Lunar, where dragons yet live and magic is valued above all else. Join Alex, the young adventurer as he begins a quest with his friends to save their land from the crushing advances of the Magic Emperor. Explore dungeons, fight terrifying monsters, and gather information...
Lunar: Eternal Blue
1994 - Lunar: Eternal Blue
Sega CD, Saturn, PlayStation
Come back to the enchanting world of Lunar! Join Hiro and Ruby 1,000 years after the first adventure, as they work to unlock the secrets of the Blue Spire and the strange young girl they found within it! But be careful! Forces are at work trying to revive the evil Zophar and immerse Lunar in...
Lunar: Sanposuru Gakuen
1996 - Lunar: Sanposuru Gakuen
Lunar: Sanposuru Gakuen is a Role-Playing game, developed by Studio Alex and published by Game Arts, which was released in Japan in 1996.
Mahou Gakuen Lunar!
1997 - Mahou Gakuen Lunar!
Mahou Gakuen Lunar! is a Role-Playing game, developed by Game Arts and published by ESP Software, which was released in Japan in 1997.
Lunar: Dragon Song
2005 - Lunar: Dragon Song
Through the Darkness find the Light! When The Legends of Dragons were first born, an age of darkness descended on the world of Lunar. Join the untried hero Jian and his friends on their journey to save Lunar from the powerful forces of evil. * Battle through an original adventure with Jian,...


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