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New York Times Crosswords
2004 - New York Times Crosswords
The New York Times Crossword puts full-size, full-strength puzzles at your fingertips any time, anywhere. With all the custom convenience of a paper and pencil, The New York Times Daily Crossword builds durability and satisfaction into the experience by allowing players to save their progress at...
NY Times Word Challenge
2004 - NY Times Word Challenge
From a top name in word puzzles comes an exciting new mobile game where joining letter tiles to form words makes you a winner. NY Times Word Challenge is the mobile word game that challenges players to engage in masterful wordplay. Link letter tiles to form words, build bonus points with special...
NY Times Trivia
2004 - NY Times Trivia
Test you knowledge of the world with trivia questions from the New York Times. Over 500 catagories to choose from.
The New York Times Crosswords
2007 - The New York Times Crosswords
The New York Times Crosswords makes a perfect pairing: The intellectual challenge of the New York Times crossword puzzles and the stylus control of the Nintendo DS. Write your answers into each puzzle with the stylus or use a Touch Screen keyboard to enter letters. Various modes of play will...
The New York Times Crosswords Daily 2009
2009 - The New York Times Crosswords Daily 2009
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
The only mobile crosswords application officially licensed by The New York Times. NYTimes Crosswords now comes with access to a free week of the official daily puzzles from The New York Times and its archive of over 4,000 classic puzzles! “The animations are utterly gorgeous. Before even...
New York Times Sudoku Vol 1
2009 - New York Times Sudoku Vol 1
Officially licensed by the The New York Times! Sudoku is an addictive game of number logic with varying levels of difficultly. Bring the gold standard in Sudoku to your mobile device.
New York Times Crosswords - Classics Vol 1
2009 - New York Times Crosswords - Classics Vol 1
Play classic puzzles authored by The New York Times's own Will Shortz. There are up to 30 classic puzzles of varying difficulty bundled in the game
The New York Times Sudoku Daily
2009 - The New York Times Sudoku Daily
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Bring the gold standard of Sudoku to your iPhone and iPod Touch with The New York Times Sudoku. Officially licensed by the puzzle experts at The New York Times, Sudoku fans of any level can now play daily puzzles, post solve times and compare their performance with this challenging game. 5000...


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