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Games in the "Killer Instinct" Franchise

Killer Instinct
1994 - Killer Instinct (1995)
Arcade Games, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Xbox One
Fulgore, Jago, B.Orchid, Spinal and all your favorite warriors contend in the Ultratech Killer Instinct Tournament. Each combatant engages in the KI Combo Theory of connected moves and finishing tactics to destroy their opponents. With incredible displays of eyelasers, ice lancers, wind kicks,...
Killer Instinct Gold
1996 - Killer Instinct Gold
Nintendo 64
Killer Instinct Gold rocks the gaming world with its earth-shattering moves and unbelievable graphics. Your battles unfold with lightning-fast action and fluid character animation at 60 frames per second. We faithfully duplicated all the features that made Killer Instinct 2 an arcade hit. We've...
Killer Instinct 2
1996 - Killer Instinct 2
Arcade Games, Xbox One
Killer Instinct 2 Classic is included in the Season 2 Ultra Edition. You must purchase Season 2 Ultra Edition to access. Killer Instinct 2 Classic is a complete port of the original arcade hit from 1996. Thrown 2000 years back in time by Ultratech, the surviving combatants from the first...
Killer Instinct
2013 - Killer Instinct
Xbox One, Xbox One, Xbox One, PC, Xbox One, Xbox One, PC
After almost two decades, the popular franchise returns with the characters and combos that revolutionized fighting games.
Arcade1Up - Killer Instinct
2021 - Arcade1Up - Killer Instinct
Dedicated Console
You wanted a killer addition to your home arcade collection, and once again Arcade1Up has heard your battle cries. Killer Instinct is here! Killer Instinct. Fans loved it, critics loved it. For many retrogamer enthusiasts it's a definitive title of the mid '90s, with the gameplay, soundtrack,...


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