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Grim Tales: The Bride
2011 - Grim Tales: The Bride
PC, Macintosh, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
After your sister vanishes on her wedding day no one has any idea what happened to her, so its up to you to find the truth! Some believe she drowned, but her body was never found. Return to the abandoned family mansion and search for clues in Grim Tales: The Bride. Explore your sisters memories...
Grim Tales: The Legacy
2012 - Grim Tales: The Legacy
PC, Macintosh, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
After being invited to the Christening of your sisters son, you arrive to find a deserted estate in Grim Tales: The Legacy! After getting married to the love of her life, it seems like a happy ending is right around the corner for your sister. However, all is not well. The sounds of ravenous...
The Hidden Mystery Collectives: Grim Tales 1 & 2
2012 - The Hidden Mystery Collectives: Grim Tales 1 & 2
The Hidden Mystery Collectives: Grim Tales 1 & 2 is a Miscellaneous game, developed by Big Fish Games and published by Focus Multimedia, which was released in Europe in 2012.
Grim Tales: The Wishes
2012 - Grim Tales: The Wishes
Macintosh, PC, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
One should always be careful about their wishes... When your nephew began to age and weaken with every passing moment, your sister in despair asked for your help. When you came to the mansion you found out about a horrible deal the boy entered. Now you must interfere or the boy will pay a...
Grim Tales: The Stone Queen
2013 - Grim Tales: The Stone Queen
Macintosh, PC, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
The family saga continues when your nephew Brandon encounters the mysterious Stone Queen in a lonely mountain town in this amazing Collector's Edition! • ENCOUNTER THE MYSTERIOUS STONE QUEEN! A once benevolent queen, who would reward honest, hardworking miners with the most magnificent,...
Grim Tales: Bloody Mary
2013 - Grim Tales: Bloody Mary
Macintosh, PC, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Youre driving home from work when you get an urgent call from your favorite niece, begging you to pick her up from her boarding school. The teachers have gone missing, her classmates are becoming violent, and shadow creatures are haunting every corner. Search the school, but remember this one...
The Hidden Mystery Collectives: Grim Tales 3 & 4
2013 - The Hidden Mystery Collectives: Grim Tales 3 & 4
The Hidden Mystery Collectives: Grim Tales 3 & 4 is a Miscellaneous game, developed by Big Fish Games and published by Focus Multimedia, which was released in Europe in 2013.
Grim Tales: The Vengeance
2014 - Grim Tales: The Vengeance
Macintosh, PC, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Youve been summoned to court to provide testimony in a trial against your nephew James, who stands accused of murdering his sister. By using your power to learn an objects history simply by touching it, you must examine evidence from the crime scene to determine what really happened to Elizabeth....
Grim Tales: Color of Fright
2014 - Grim Tales: Color of Fright
Macintosh, PC, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
It wasn't bad enough that your train was running late, but now a mysterious note warns that this Gray family dinner will be the last! Inside the Gray family castle, everything is in chaos, with your family nowhere to be found. The walls are graffitied with the scribbles of a madman as his...
Grim Tales: The Final Suspect
2015 - Grim Tales: The Final Suspect
Macintosh, PC, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Aunt Gray has helped the police solve countless crimes thanks to her special ability to view past events through a persons possessions. But when a man is murdered in her house, she suddenly finds herself standing accused of killing a man she doesnt even remember. Her niece Jackie has offered to...
Grim Tales: Threads of Destiny
2015 - Grim Tales: Threads of Destiny
Macintosh, PC, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
New evidence has come to light that will prove who killed Jackies parents over 20 years ago. Now that you have something that belonged to them, you can travel back in time to discover what really happened that fateful night and try to save them from a dangerous serial killer. But beware; a dark...
Grim Tales: The Heir
2016 - Grim Tales: The Heir
Macintosh, PC, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Youve been called to the Gray's Castle to help your nephew Brandon. His son is missing, and his wife's fallen into a mysterious coma! It's up to you to discover what dark forces are at play in your family's castle. The past and present collide as you look for answers. Do you have what it takes to...
Grim Tales: Crimson Hollow
2016 - Grim Tales: Crimson Hollow
Macintosh, PC
You've been called in to investigate the disappearance of a girl from a local boarding school. She was last seen with the mysterious Dorian Black. What starts as a simple investigation quickly takes a dark turn when you start falling victim to the magic of Crimson Hollow! Can you save the missing...
Grim Tales: Graywitch
2017 - Grim Tales: Graywitch
Macintosh, PC, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
While researching her familys history, your relative was pulled back in time! Its up to you to travel into the past to find her, but it wont be easy. Theres a mysterious monster on the prowl and the towns history remains a mystery. Can you uncover the identity of the monster and rescue your...
Grim Tales: The White Lady
2017 - Grim Tales: The White Lady
Macintosh, PC
Your nephew and his friend have gone missing from Evergreen Boarding School! Your only lead is that both children recently mentioned seeing the apparition of a lady in white. Can you uncover the secrets hiding in the boarding school, or will you fall prey to the spirits inside? Find out in this...
Grim Tales: The Time Traveler
2018 - Grim Tales: The Time Traveler
Macintosh, PC
Anna Gray is on her way to a family barbeque when disaster strikes! After nearly dying in a car crash, she discovers someone has murdered her niece and nephew and intends to destroy the entire Gray Family. When Anna goes back in time to stop the villain, she discovers that the killer can travel...
Grim Tales: The Hunger
2018 - Grim Tales: The Hunger
Macintosh, PC
Your niece Jackie Gray has been murdered by a killer whose crimes went unsolved 17 years ago. Team up with Jackie's policeman father and use your powers to go back in time and stop the killer before their murder spree claims Jackie's life in the present! Will you be able to solve the cold case,...
Grim Tales: Guest From the Future
2019 - Grim Tales: Guest From the Future
PC, Macintosh
Your teenage daughter Alice needs your expertise to uncover the source of a tragedy that threatens to end the Gray family line forever! A mysterious illness has already claimed several victims, and any of the Grays could be next. Are you up to the task of discovering how it started, and more...
Grim Tales: Outcasts
TBA - Grim Tales: Outcasts
Grim Tales: Outcasts is a Puzzle game, developed by Elephant Games and published by Big Fish Games, with no announced release date.


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