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Games in the "Victorian Mysteries" Franchise

Victorian Mysteries: Woman in White
2010 - Victorian Mysteries: Woman in White
PC, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Who is this woman in white and where did she come from? What is her secret? Walter Hartright, a poor drawing teacher, finds himself in the middle of an inexplicable mystery. Somehow his future is intertwined with an elusive woman in white who harbors a dreadful secret. A secret so damaging her...
Victorian Mysteries: The Moonstone
2011 - Victorian Mysteries: The Moonstone
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Back in time to Victorian England and help Detective Cuff solve the mystery of the missing Moonstone diamond! With numerous suspects that need questioning and crime scenes that need investigating, only you can stop the thief from getting away with the ancient diamond.Explore multiple rooms and...
Victorian Mysteries: The Yellow Room
2012 - Victorian Mysteries: The Yellow Room
iOS (iPhone/iPad), PC
Solve a perplexing conundrum in Victorian Mysteries: The Yellow Room! A young woman is attacked in the middle of the night inside a locked room. There are only two ways out: a dead- bolted door and a single window blocked by iron bars. How did the murderer escape? TRY IT FREE, THEN UNLOCK THE...