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Games in the "World of Watches" Franchise

Night Watch
2006 - Night Watch
In the Night Watch universe, there are people among us who appear ordinary, but who are different; they call themselves "Others." These Others can channel magical power as devastating attacks and defenses. Those who support the forces of light are known as the Night Watch, while those that fight...
Night Watch Racing
2007 - Night Watch Racing
The game takes place at the streets of todays Moscow. Being anxious about growing opposition between Night watch and Day watch, causing human losses on both sides, Inquisition, standing above the armies of the Light and the Darkness, returns the verdict mages must stop the violence. No more open...
Day Watch
2007 - Day Watch
The Day Watch game offers you a chance to try your hand as a Dark Witch, to feel the sharp edge of the battle between Light and Darkness in these peaceful (to ordinary humans) times. And you'll have a chance to feel the burden that Others carry who dare to challenge the Great Mages. Our story...


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