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Games in the "Landstalker" Franchise

1992 - Landstalker
Genesis, PC, Linux, Macintosh
After hearing of the legendary treasure of King Nole, the elvish treasure hunter Nigel undertakes a quest to gather various pieces of the famed loot. His journey takes him through Mercator Island's villages, caves and dungeons that hold King Nole's riches. Along the way, he'll have to help the...
Lady Stalker: Kako kara no Chousen
1995 - Lady Stalker: Kako kara no Chousen
Super Nintendo
Lady Stalker: Kako kara no Chousen is a Role-Playing game, developed by Climax Entertainment and published by Taito Corporation, which was released in Japan in 1995.
Time Stalkers
1999 - Time Stalkers
Welcome to a mysterious world, a world made up of strange lands, hazardous labyrinths and many mysteries. Who created this world? And why? A wandering adventurer by the name of Sword has been summoned to find the answers. From RPG legends 'Climax' comes Time Stalkers, a refreshingly...


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