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International Superstar Soccer
1994 - International Superstar Soccer
Super Nintendo, Game Boy, PlayStation, Game Boy Advance
The best soccer game around has gone portable! Take part in exhibition matches, international cups and penalty shoot outs in a bid to become the top soccer nation on Earth. Choose from 36 teams with full player rosters and set your own strategies. Heat up the net as you challenge the World.
International Superstar Soccer Deluxe
1995 - International Superstar Soccer Deluxe
Super Nintendo, Genesis, PlayStation
It's a whole new ball game... Realistic sprites with 36 teams featuring recognisable celebrity players. Increased CPU intelligence to challenge beginners and experts alike. Choose from 16 formations, 8 strategies, 20 players and 9 adjustable player skills. Four way play possible with adaptor.
International Superstar Soccer 64
1997 - International Superstar Soccer 64
Nintendo 64
Are you ready for the most realistic soccer game the world has ever seen? Get ready for: Incredible, seemless game control; Awesome animation with over 17,000 motion captured animations; Live, intelligent commentary; Every conceivable soccer move from headers to heel passes; Multiple formations...
International Superstar Soccer '98
1998 - International Superstar Soccer '98
Nintendo 64
Do you have what it takes to be a superstar? Over 17,000 new motion captured animations! Team motivation, players and teams react to real game situations. Vertical camera angle allows you to see more of the pitch. 52 International teams and 9 unique soccer stadiums. Create your own players and...
International Superstar Soccer Pro '98
1998 - International Superstar Soccer Pro '98
GOOOAAAALLLL!! New for the PlayStation game console. Now endorsed by Carlos Valderrama International Superstar and captain of Colombia's national soccer team. - Motion captured animations - 5 unique soccer stadiums - 8 preset strategies - 5 different camera angles - Compete for 7 different...
International Superstar Soccer 99
1999 - International Superstar Soccer 99
Game Boy Color
Fabulously detailed color graphics and unmatched gameplay provide you with the greatest Game Boy football experience to date!
International Superstar Soccer 2000
1999 - International Superstar Soccer 2000
Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color
The undisputed king of football returns... Experience the new Career Mode - bring youngsters through the ranks to create individual star players. Smoother animations and gameplay. ISS 2000 is the choice of champions - nothing gets as close to the beautiful game.
International Superstar Soccer 2
2002 - International Superstar Soccer 2
GameCube, Xbox, PlayStation 2
The latest chaper in Konami's highly acclaimed ISS series combines the advanced capabilities of GAMECUBE and super-refined gameplay to provide you the ultimate football experience on Nintendo's next generation video game system. Enjoy state of the art graphics and ball physics, 5 exciting game...
International Superstar Soccer Advance
2002 - International Superstar Soccer Advance
Game Boy Advance
Lace up those boots, take to the pitch, tackle, pass, dribble, score and feel the glory! Choose from over 58 international teams to compete in 4 different modes of play or challenge a friend to a 2 player battle of skills.
International Superstar Soccer 3
2003 - International Superstar Soccer 3
PlayStation 2, GameCube, PC
Come and be a part of Football. Feel the nerves in the tunnel and the excitement on the pitch. Immerse yourself with intuitive gameplay and realism for total footballing action. Experience the all new one-on-one situations and live the game. Pull off some amazing skills that really are pure...