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Games in the "Space Giraffe" Franchise

Tempest 2000
1994 - Tempest 2000
Jaguar, PC, Saturn, Macintosh
It's been 15 years since you first took the controls of your blaster ship and fried the aliens attacking your end of the web in the original Tempest™. Now you're back--this time with more firepower. Tricks up your sleeve, a trusty A.I. droid, and a slew of new enemies who want nothing more...
Tempest 3000
2000 - Tempest 3000
A true arcade masterpiece is back! Way back in 1981, the original Tempest was introduced and immediately became a classic. Now, almost twenty years later, Tempest is back and looking better than ever! Tempest 3000 is best described as a fusion of modern music and psychedelic visuals with a...
Space Giraffe
2007 - Space Giraffe
Xbox 360, PC
Created by genre-defining game designer Jeff Minter, Space Giraffe is a psychedelic shooter that spans 100 levels all set against vivid backgrounds that synchronize with your custom music selection. Collect power-ups to activate Bonus Rounds and master the strategies necessary to maximize your...
2014 - TxK
PlayStation Vita
TxK is an Action game, developed and published by Llamasoft, which was released in 2014.