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Games in the "Dr. Franken" Franchise

Dr. Franken
1992 - Dr. Franken
Game Boy, NES, GameGear
Help your favorite bonehead get his girlfriend back together. Go ahead. Throw the switch. And come on a monster journey with good ol' Freaky Franky. He's looking for all the pieces of his beautiful Bitsy's body so he can put them back together on Dr. Frankenbone's life machine. Except it looks...
The Adventures of Dr. Franken
1993 - The Adventures of Dr. Franken
Super Nintendo
Franky and his girlfriend Bitsy have decided to take a vacation. Unfortunately, Bitsy does not have a passport. Not to be thwarted, our spare parts hero has a cunning plan. He dismantles Bitsy, packages up her parts and mails them to their vacation destination - New York City - with predictable...
Dr. Franken II
1997 - Dr. Franken II
Game Boy
It is many years since Dr. Von Frankenbone passed on and Franky is in big trouble again! The late Doctor's castle, where Franky had spent many happy years with his girlfriend Bitsy, is crumbling and badly in need of repair. If this problems weren't already enough, the electricity company have...


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