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Games in the "Vagrant Hearts" Franchise

Vagrant Hearts
2011 - Vagrant Hearts
In a world scared by wars and conflicts, where power is the ultimate solution for lords and kings, the people have always been left behind, their interest and beliefs is of no significance in times of war. There is one organization, called The Brotherhood, which was built by wise individuals with...
Vagrant Hearts 2
2011 - Vagrant Hearts 2
Azulel can once again enjoy a peaceful era, after Valmor was defeated the Brotherhood has restored it's reputation and the Kingdom has never been so praised. However, difficult times are approaching in lands not too far away... Weeks after disappearing Scarllet and Wyatt are found in Dark...
Vagrant Hearts Zero
2012 - Vagrant Hearts Zero
A world divided by those blessed with magic, and those denied this gift. Dangerous times loom on the horizon. Merciless pirates sweep the land, capturing any magic-users they find and enslaving them. After a foiled kidnapping attempt, two siblings with unsual powers take it upon themselves to...


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