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Dissidia: Final Fantasy
2008 - Dissidia: Final Fantasy
Cosmos, the goddess of harmony. Chaos, the god of discord. Reigning from distant realms, the two gods had gathered warriors from all lands to lead them in savage war. Cosmos and Chaos were of equal strength. It was believed the conflict would last forever. However, the balance is now broken....
Dissidia 012 Prologus: Final Fantasy
2011 - Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy
Cosmos versus Chaos Harmony and discord clash once more in DISSIDIA 012[duodecim] FINAL FANTASY for PSP, as the gods Cosmos and Chaos struggle against each other in an eternal cycle of life, death and rebirth. The warring gods call upon the heroes and villains of the FINAL FANTASY series to try...
Dissidia: Final Fantasy
2015 - Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT
Arcade Games, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4, PC, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4
In partnership with Team Ninja from KOEI TECMO GAMES, Square Enix presents DISSIDIA® FINAL FANTASY® NT as a new and refreshing experience a team-based brawler. Combining seamless gameplay, FINAL FANTASY characters and breathtaking worlds from the past 30 years of the franchise, DISSIDIA FINAL...
Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Opera Omnia
2017 - Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Opera Omnia
iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android
Darkness converges upon us, and the world crumbles before our very eyes What was once a sanctuary for the weary has now become a battlefield. Long ago, the deities Spiritus and Materia warped the fabric of time and space to create a new worlda world they populated with warriors from other...

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