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Games in the "Samorost" Franchise

Samorost 1
2003 - Samorost 1
Samorost 1 is an Adventure game, developed by Jakub Dvorsky and published by Amanita Design, which was released in 2003.
Samorost 2
2005 - Samorost 2
PC, Macintosh, Linux
Samorost 2, the sequel to free browser based game Samorost 1 is a short point-and-click adventure in which you must help out a little space gnome as he searches for his dog, which has been taken away by aliens.
Samorost 3
2016 - Samorost 3
PC, Macintosh, iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android
As Samorost 3 begins, a little space gnome finds a strange magical flute that falls from the sky. He uses the instrument's powers to travel to the cosmos in search of its origins, scouring the alien landscapes of five planets and four moons to solve clever mysteries along the way. Each of...


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