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1985 - Gradius
Arcade Games, NES, NEC PC88, Sharp X1, Commodore 64, Sharp X68000, TurboGrafx-16, Dedicated Console, Mobile, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch
You are the last hope of the gentle people of Gradius. You've just lifted off to confront the all-out attack of the amoeboid Bacterions. Your hyper-space fighter is armed with the greatest arsenal in the galaxy. Air-to-surface and double beam laser cannons for incredible firepower. Powerful force...
1986 - Nemesis (1987)
MSX, Amstrad CPC
Nemesis is an Action game, developed and published by Konami, which was released in Japan in 1986.
Vs. Gradius
1986 - Vs. Gradius
Arcade Games, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4
Vs. Gradius is an Action game, developed by Konami and published by Nintendo, which was released in 1986.
Gradius 2
1987 - Gradius 2
MSX, Sega Master System
THE BATTLE TO SAVE NEMESIS BEGINS!!! Living Planet Giant Statue Planet
Gradius II
1988 - Gradius II: Gofer no Yabou
NES, Arcade Games, Sharp X68000, Turbo CD, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch
This shooter is the sequel to the seminal masterpiece, GRADIUS. Two years after its last epic battle, the GRADIUS army recommissions the VIC VIPER superdimensional warplane to combat the invasion of a new nemesis known as GOFER. Piloting the latest model of the VIC VIPER, players can select...
Nemesis 3
1988 - Nemesis 3
RESCUE LARS XVII, THE HERO OF NEMESIS! The Bacterians' Commandant Gofer plans to assassinate little Lars XVII and change the course of history... Block Gifer's ambition!
Gradius III
1989 - Gradius III
Arcade Games, Super Nintendo, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch
The gentle Gradians thought they were cured of Bacterion's contemptible curse after a generation of germ-free living. Guess again. That wretched fiend is once again wreaking havoc on Gradius and the surrounding planets. It's your destiny to put an end to it. Unless maybe you think life as an...
1990 - Nemesis (1990)
Game Boy
Your dignity won't be all you'll lose if you're beaten by the King. As chief of the Interplanetary Police, you thought you put evil King Nemesis behind bars for good. But, fresh out of the Solar Slammer on a technicality hes just put a billion dollar bounty on your head. And now his heinous...
Gradius: The Interstellar Assault
1991 - Gradius: The Interstellar Assault
Game Boy
YOU'RE CORDIALLY INVITED TO THE GALAXY'S HOTTEST COOKOUT! Smell the challenge, as the flames of destruction scorch your courage and ignite your fears. Just when you thought life was cool, the Bacterion Beast Squadron launches a massive counterattack that makes all other intergalactic battles...
Nemesis '90 Kai
1993 - Nemesis '90 Kai
Sharp X68000
Nemesis '90 Kai is an Action game, developed and published by SPS, which was released in Japan in 1993.
Gradius Deluxe Pack
1996 - Gradius Deluxe Pack
PlayStation, Saturn, PC
Gradius Deluxe Pack is a Miscellaneous game, developed and published by Konami, which was released in Japan in 1996.
Gradius Gaiden
1997 - Gradius Gaiden
Gradius Gaiden is an Action game, developed by KCET and published by Konami, which was released in Japan in 1997.
Solar Assault
1997 - Solar Assault
Arcade Games
Solar Assault is an Action game, developed and published by Konami, which was released in 1997.
Gradius IV
1998 - Gradius IV
Arcade Games
Gradius IV is an Action game, developed and published by Konami, which was released in Japan in 1998.
Gradius III and IV
2000 - Gradius III and IV
PlayStation 2
Need an old school fix on that shiny new PlayStation2? Gradius III & IV updates the 2D shooter with fantastic graphics and all of the classic Gradius play. Evade your enemies and return fire with your favorite arsenal of lasers, bombs and missiles.
Gradius Galaxies
2001 - Gradius Galaxies
Game Boy Advance
The classic franchise Gradius comes to Game Boy Advance! An evil force has taken over a distant star system and only you can stop them. Soar through a myriad of enemy attack units and blow them to bits using ultra powerful weapons including photon missiles and laser beams.
Gradius V
2004 - Gradius V
PlayStation 2
Based on the 1980s arcade and console game, Gradius V features the classic side-scrolling shooting gameplay with all-new elements, including new option controls, levels, weapons, and missions. You'll have access to a variety of upgradable power-ups that help you fight through seven expansive...
Gradius Collection
2006 - Gradius Collection
Gradius Collection is a compilation of five beloved games in the Gradius series available for the first time on the PSP system. Spanning more than 20 years, the five games Gradius, Gradius II, Gradius III, Gradius IV, and the long awaited Gradius Gaiden (never before released in the U.S.),...
Gradius ReBirth
2008 - Gradius ReBirth
Blast your way through levels filled with alien spaceships and otherworldly creatures in this retro side-scrolling shooter. Pick your weapons carefully and upgrade them to create a devastating arsenal of space-aged weapons that will aid you in your challenging mission. Players can post their high...
Gradius (working title)
Canceled - Gradius (working title)
PlayStation 3
Gradius (working title) is an Action game, developed and published by Konami, which was cancelled before it was released.

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