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Games in the "Laxius Power" Franchise

Laxius Power ~ Random Story
2001 - Laxius Power ~ Random Story
"Random Story", the 1st part of Laxius Power, features the adventure of Random, a young swordman, and his friends. Gifted with awesome powers a sword in the hand, Random gets bored of his training courses, and decides to make it to SankT Leona, a huge city where a famous tournament is about to...
Laxius Power II
2003 - Laxius Power II
Discover each destiny of the four characters who became heroes at SankT Leona in the first chapter of the Laxius Power series. Thirty hours of gameplay in a heroic-fantasy universe filled with monsters and wonderful secrets. What will happen to Random and his friends ?
Laxius Power III
2004 - Laxius Power III
The final part of the epic trilogy of RPG games Laxius Power. More open-ended than ever, featuring a staggering 200 hours of gameplay, this new installment surpasses by far its predecessors and brings you to one of the biggest worlds ever created in a free RPG. Get prepared for a thrilling...


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