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Games in the "Graeme Souness" Franchise

Graeme Souness Vector Soccer
1991 - Graeme Souness Vector Soccer
Amiga, Atari ST
Graeme Souness Vector Soccer is the world's first football simulation to feature mathematically calculated vector graphics, giving the pitch action a stunning level of reality. Featuring full 11 player vector teams giving incredible match action, six "spot" camera angles covering all...
Graeme Souness Soccer Manager
1992 - Graeme Souness Soccer Manager
Commodore 64, Amiga, Atari ST, Sinclair ZX81/Spectrum, PC
Graeme Souness Soccer Manager - a devastatingly accurate simulation of the trials and tribulations of taking a football team to the top. Use your negotiating skills to buy the best players available - being careful to balance the books! Large animated icons keep you in total control over all...
Graeme Souness International Soccer
1992 - Graeme Souness International Soccer
Commodore 64
Graeme Souness International Soccer is a Sports game, developed and published by Zeppelin Games, which was released in Europe in 1992.


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