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Game Boy Gallery
1995 - Game Boy Gallery
Game Boy
The original Game & Watch introduced millions of people to the world of Nintendo. Now Nintendo has put five of these classic titles onto one Game Boy cartridge to ensure maximum fun and frustration for players of all ages! 1. BALL You would like to work for a circus. Before being offered the...
Game & Watch Gallery
1997 - Game & Watch Gallery
Game Boy
Original and updated versions of four Game & Watch hand held games! Classic versions will take you back to the '80s and a simpler time in video games. Modern versions feature your favorite characters and will bring you to the present with improved play control and sound effects.
Game Boy Gallery 2
1997 - Game Boy Gallery 2
Game Boy
Game Boy Gallery 2 is a Miscellaneous game, developed by TOSE and published by Nintendo, which was released in Japan in 1997.
Game & Watch Gallery 2
1998 - Game & Watch Gallery 2
Game Boy Color
Original and updated versions of five Game & Watch hand held games! Classic versions will take you back to the '80s and a simpler time in video games. Modern versions feature your favorite characters, bringing you to the present with improved play control, color and sound effects.
Game & Watch Gallery 3
1999 - Game & Watch Gallery 3
Game Boy Color
Flash back to the '80s with original and updated versions of five Game & Watch hand-held games! Relive the birth of hand-held gaming in Classic Game & Watch games. Then join your favourite Nintendo characters in Modern versions featuring improved play control, graphics, colour and sound!
Game & Watch Collection: Manhole
2002 - Game & Watch Collection: Manhole
Game & Watch Collection: Manhole is an Action game, developed and published by Nintendo, which was released in 2002.
Game & Watch Gallery 4
2002 - Game & Watch Gallery 4
Game Boy Advance
Relive the birth of handheld gaming with over a dozen classic Game & Watch games. Picture-perfect versions reproduce all the fast-paced action of the original games, and new modern versions bring these games into the 21st century with improved graphics, sound, and game play!
Game & Watch Collection
2006 - Game & Watch Collection
Travel back in time with this collection of three Game & Watch titles on one Nintendo DS Game Card. Included games are Oil Panic, Donkey Kong and Green House, all originally released in 1982.
Game & Watch Collection 2
2008 - Game & Watch Collection 2
Includes three Game & Watch titles, including Octopus and Parachute, originally released in 1981, and Parachute X Octopus, a brand new Game & Watch title that combines both Octopus and Parachute and takes place in the sea.
Game & Watch: Vermin
2009 - Game & Watch: Vermin
It's time to clean up the neighborhood. Move the player to the left or right and hit the moles that pop out of holes in the ground. Moles appear from four holes in GAME A and from five holes in GAME B. The moles in GAME B move faster than those in GAME A, and they also appear more frequently....
Game & Watch: Judge
2009 - Game & Watch: Judge
You have a split second to decide: whack your opponent or duck out of the way? Numbers appear on two large signs. If you think your number will be as big or bigger than your opponent's, whack him with a mallet. Dodge if you think your number will be smaller. Earn points based on correctly...
Game & Watch: Ball
2009 - Game & Watch: Ball
Brush up on your juggling skills with Game & Watch: Ball. Move the juggler's arms to catch the balls. Drop a single ball and it's game over
Game & Watch: Flagman
2009 - Game & Watch: Flagman
Memorize the order in which flags are raised, then raise them in the same order (GAME A), or raise the correct flag according to the corresponding number (GAME B). Earn a point each time you raise the correct flag, or lose one of your remaining tries if you raise a flag out of order or if you let...
Game & Watch: Chef
2009 - Game & Watch: Chef
Move the chef to catch and flip the falling ingredients before they hit the floor. Contend with three ingredients in GAME A or four in GAME B. Earn one point for every ingredient the chef successfully flips into the air, or a mistake icon for each time you drop an ingredient. Receive three...
Game & Watch: Helmet
2009 - Game & Watch: Helmet
Tools are falling from the sky! Help the worker at the construction site move from the building on the left to the office on the right while avoiding the hammers, wrenches and pliers dropping from above. Earn five points for entering the office and one point for every three tools that hit the...
Game & Watch: Mario's Cement Factory
2009 - Game & Watch: Mario's Cement Factory
Conveyor belts carry tubs of cement to the mixers below. Use the elevators to move Mario to different levels of the factory, dumping cement from the top mixers to the mixers below and into the trucks. Earn points for every load of cement you drop from the mixers to the cement truck. Receive...
Game & Watch: Donkey Kong Jr.
2009 - Game & Watch: Donkey Kong Jr.
Donkey Kong is trapped! It's up to Donkey Kong Jr. to snag the key and set his father free from Mario's cage. Help Donkey Kong Jr. avoid crows and alligators as he swings his way to victory. Earn points by unlocking the cage, hitting crows and alligators with pieces of food or jumping over...
Game & Watch: Manhole
2009 - Game & Watch: Manhole
Move quickly and use your manhole cover to prevent the pedestrians from falling through the holes. Pedestrians appear from the left on the upper path and from the right on the bottom path. Earn a point every time a pedestrian walks safely over a covered manhole, or receive a mistake icon for...


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