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Games in the "CT Special Forces" Franchise

CT Special Forces 2: Back in the Trenches
2003 - CT Special Forces 2: Back in the Trenches
Game Boy Advance, PlayStation
Despite their latest failures, the CT Special Forces unit is called upon once again to diffuse increased terrorist activity around the globe. Armed with high-tech weaponry and equipment, you must thwart the plans of terrorist groups and ensure peace in several regions of the world. You'll have...
CT Special Forces 3: Bioterror
2004 - CT Special Forces 3: Bioterror
PlayStation, Game Boy Advance
CT Special Forces 3: Bioterror is an Action game, developed by The Code Monkeys and published by LSP, which was released in Europe in 2004.
Special Forces: Nemesis Strike
2005 - Special Forces: Nemesis Strike
Xbox, PC, PlayStation 2
Join the fight against global counterterrorism. In Nemesis Strike, you'll guide a team of two agents--Stealth Owl and Raptor--as they cross into enemy territory. Stealth Owl is an infiltration expert with skills in accuracy and skydiving, while Raptor favors powerful weapons and close combat....


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