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CART World Series
1997 - CART World Series
THE TOP CART DRIVERS - Al Unser Jr., Bobby Rahal, Jimmy Vasser, Mark Blundell, Gil de Ferran, Scott Pruett, Andre Ribeiro, Paul Tracy, Alex Zanardi & more! Realistic driver abilities are based upon their past performance. 10 AUTHENTIC CART COURSES - Long Beach, Laguna Seca, Miami, Nazareth,...
CART Flag to Flag
1999 - CART Flag to Flag
Start your engines! The CART Championship is up for grabs in the fastest open wheel racing circuit in the world. *19 true-to-life CART circuits including road, oval and street courses *27 authentic CART drivers from 18 actual teams *Fully customizable cars *Detailed put crew action
2000 - CART Fury
Arcade Games
CART Fury is a Racing game, developed and published by Midway, which was released in 2000.
CART Fury Championship Racing
2001 - CART Fury Championship Racing
PlayStation 2
From the zipping arcade rush to your home system, C.A.R.T. FURY is exactly what gamers crave from a Midway game, which is breakneck speed, boatloads of flash and glitz, and hardcore arcade thrills. The company that slammed you with NBA Jam and brutalized you with NFL Blitz has turned yet another...


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