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Games in the "Amazon Trail" Franchise

The Amazon Trail
1996 - The Amazon Trail
Macintosh, PC
TRAVEL THROUGH TIME Uncover the secrets of the Amazon rainforest. Talk to explorers, naturalists, scientists, and Inca kings who shaped its history. JOURNEY UP THE AMAZON Canoe up the mighty Amazon River. Spear your supper in its plentiful waters. But be careful. Some fish are poisonous....
Amazon Trail II
1996 - Amazon Trail II
Macintosh, PC
Your adventures begin with a mysterious incident at the Museum of Ancient Art. Before you know it, you're headed up the Amazon River to hear a critical message from the Ancient Ones. But first you must prove yourself worthy. The experiences along the way are wild - if you're not identifying...
Amazon Trail 3rd Edition: Rainforest Adventures
2000 - Amazon Trail 3rd Edition: Rainforest Adventures
Your survival depends on the many decisions you will make. Prove yourself worthy and discover the secrets of the ancient fortress Vilcabamba. Face the perils of the uncharted rainforest as you journey to the source of the mighty Amazon River. Every voyage upriver is a new adventure, so start...


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