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TV Sports: Football
1988 - TV Sports Football
Amiga, PC, Atari ST, Commodore 64, TurboGrafx-16
The crowd's roaring. TV cameras are rolling. You're in a pro football war more real than you've ever played. Digitized sound lets you feel every bone-crunching hit. Call all the plays and audibles. Then control a sophisticated offense and slashing, head-bashing defense as TV announcers broadcast...
Double Hit: Rocket Ranger / TV Sports Football
1988 - Double Hit: Rocket Ranger / TV Sports Football
Double Hit: Rocket Ranger / TV Sports Football is a Miscellaneous game, developed and published by Beau Jolly, which was released in Europe in 1988.
TV Sports Basketball
1989 - TV Sports Basketball
PC, Amiga, TurboGrafx-16
The arena's rockin'. Network cameras are rollin'. It's showtime! Here's ultra-cool pro roundball that puts you right on the floor with an awesome on-the-court view and total control. Set your offense. Use your screen to nail a three-pointer. Roll off your pick to hit the jumper. Or post up in the...
Bo Jackson Baseball
1991 - Bo Jackson Baseball
NES, PC, Amiga
Bo Jackson Baseball is the most complete baseball game ever available for your NES. If you've played the others, you know that some have a little of this and some of that - but never everything a real baseball fanatic needs in one cool Game Pak... until now. Because Bo knows exactly what you're...
TV Sports Hockey
1991 - TV Sports Hockey
The stadium organ is pumping as you faceoff against the international competition. Play any position, even goalie, with total control. Experience all the stick handling, slap shots, body checks, and fistcuffs of world class hockey. Make strategic goalie and line changes. If their goon slams you...


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