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Games in the "Mystery Tales" Franchise

Mystery Tales: Time Travel
2010 - Mystery Tales: Time Travel
Mystery Tales Time Travel allows players to venture on expeditions through time and solve a wide variety of mysteries. Follow a French writer who stumbles upon an old diary from a long lost relative.
Mystery Tales 2: The Spirit Mask
2011 - Mystery Tales 2: The Spirit Mask
DS, iOS (iPhone/iPad), PC
Play the witch Melanie Cygnes In the Hidden Objects game Mystery Tales 2 - The Spirit Mask. This time she is in Venice and finds a strange Japanese mask possessed by a spirit. Melanie finds out what she can about the mask but only finds confusing information. What is inside the mask? A demon? An...
Mystery Tales: The Lost Hope
2014 - Mystery Tales: The Lost Hope
Macintosh, PC, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Several years ago you suffered a tragedy. Your sister Margaret died. Margaret lived with her husband, Emmett, in a small little village lost in the mountains. After her death, Emmett, overcome with grief, disappeared from the town. And now many years later, you have received a mysterious...
Mystery Tales: The Twilight World
2015 - Mystery Tales: The Twilight World
PC, Macintosh, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
You and your daughter, Nancy, can't resist the lovely hotel just off the highway, especially after a long day on the open road. But just as the two of you get settled, your peaceful pause is shattered by a witch who abducts Nancy! You must travel to the Twilight World to stop the witch before she...
Mystery Tales: Alaskan Wild
2015 - Mystery Tales: Alaskan Wild
PC, Macintosh, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Your sister Ellie has been begging you for ages to visit her in Alaska, where she has met the love of her life. When she entices you with new material for your next photography book, you can't resist and hop a flight to visit, only to find out that you've been roped into an awkward family dinner...
Mystery Tales: Her Own Eyes
2016 - Mystery Tales: Her Own Eyes
PC, Macintosh, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Your crystalline-lens transplant was a success! You can finally see again, but you're not just seeing the living anymore, you can see the dead as well! Follow in your lens donor's footsteps to uncover the dark dealings happening in her hometown of Hallstatt, Austria. Girls have been disappearing...
Mystery Tales: Eye of the Fire
2016 - Mystery Tales: Eye of the Fire
PC, Macintosh, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Youve been called in to investigate the dark nightmares of a young woman. What starts as a simple investigation quickly takes a dangerous turn as a witch from the past comes back to take her prey! Can you uncover old secrets and save the town before its too late? Find out in this exhilarating...
Mystery Tales: The Hangman Returns
2017 - Mystery Tales: The Hangman Returns
PC, Macintosh
A series of suicides has the local police baffled. There were no signs of foul play at the scenes, but all of the victims worked at the Death Printed Ltd. Publishing House. Coincidence? At least one detective thinks not -- and he calls you in to help investigate. Using your special power to see...
Mystery Tales: The House of Others
2017 - Mystery Tales: The House of Others
Macintosh, PC, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Your brother is the host of Ghost Riders -- a popular ghost hunting TV show, but one night you receive a strange package that forewarns his death! You'll need your special astral glasses to help you view the past and interact with the astral plane, but first you'll have to find them! Travel to...
Mystery Tales: Dangerous Desires
2017 - Mystery Tales: Dangerous Desires
Macintosh, PC
An old friend is opening a new exhibition on the Black Plague. When she encounters a strange artifact, she calls on you to investigate. This won't be an easy task as a malevolent spirit attacks the museum and your friend! Can you uncover their dark origins and stop them before it's too late? Find...
Mystery Tales: The Other Side
2018 - Mystery Tales: The Other Side
Macintosh, PC
Twola was just another dying small town, until a new television company moved in and turned everything around. Now, to celebrate 10 years of success, Twola TV is giving away free TVs to every resident. But when people start dying in front of their TVs, some scientists start asking questions. Join...
Mystery Tales: The Reel Horror
2018 - Mystery Tales: The Reel Horror
PC, Macintosh
Your good friend Officer Jefferson needs your help! Use your paranormal powers to track down his sister Maya and colleges in an abandoned cinema before the ghostly director makes them the star of his latest film. Hold onto the edge of your seat for this spooky hidden-object puzzle adventure game!
Mystery Tales: Dealer's Choices
2019 - Mystery Tales: Dealer's Choices
PC, Macintosh
You've been invited on an exclusive gambling cruise! The Princess Lolita is ready to set sail, and you and your friend are two of the lucky guests. But your luck quickly runs out when the ship owner's gambling partners begin turning up dead! With the help of ghostly spirits onboard, can you find...
Mystery Tales: Art and Souls
2019 - Mystery Tales: Art and Souls
PC, Macintosh
An old friend and her husband have opened an art gallery! Her husband claimed the success of their opening exhibition was the result of a magical brush. But what first seems like an exaggeration quickly takes a sinister turn when he goes missing! You rush to her aid, only for her to disappear as...
Mystery Tales: Til Death
2020 - Mystery Tales: Til Death
Macintosh, PC
When your niece's fiancé mysteriously falls into a coma the night of their rehearsal dinner, you rush to help. You and your trusty feline friend Morty quickly find the supernatural at work. And this time, you'll have to travel through the Underworld itself to stop the sinister spirit responsible!...
Mystery Tales: Master of Puppets
2021 - Mystery Tales: Master of Puppets
PC, Macintosh
Mystery Tales: Master of Puppets is a Puzzle game, developed and published by Big Fish Games, which was released in 2021.


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