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Spot: The Video Game
1990 - Spot: The Video Game (1990)
SPOT is awesome... it's totally the wildest game ever... packed with features like: an "on-screen" playfield designer that lets you customize your own game - "zillions" of possibilities - or select your personal favorite from the 512 pre-programmed options; Play 1, 2, 3 or 4 player modes, play...
Spot: The Video Game
1990 - Spot: The Video Game
PC, Game Boy
DISCOVER THE MOST ADDICTIVE STRATEGY GAME SINCE TETRIS! As easy to learn as checkers, yet with levels of complexity that will challenge even chess players, SPOT The Video Game offers endless play value for young and old alike. Featuring: - 1 or 2 player modes, against your friend or a...
Spot: The Computer Game
1990 - Spot: The Computer Game
Spot: The Computer Game is a Puzzle game, developed and published by Virgin Mastertronic, which was released in 1990.
Spot: The Cool Adventure
1992 - Spot: The Cool Adventure
Game Boy
That little red dude's up and running again! Just when that 7UP bottle had him right where it wanted him. SPOT, that mischievous red guy has made a break. And boy has he done it this time! Trapped inside a Game Boy, SPOT must make his way through 12 cool levels of action-packed adventure to get...
Cool Spot
1993 - Cool Spot
Super Nintendo, GameGear, Sega Master System, Amiga, Genesis, Game Boy, PC
NO WAY! Your Cool SPOT chums are locked away! YES WAY! You, as Cool SPOT are here to save the day! Quit gawping over the dreamy scenery, the awesome animation and most savory sound around. Play! Man, this is the hairiest...
Spot Goes To Hollywood
1995 - Spot Goes To Hollywood
Genesis, PlayStation, Saturn, Sega 32X, Super Nintendo
Underwater or underground! Pirates or jungle beasts! Flying into the future or hovering in horror! SPOT is out to steal the spotlight and win the "Best SPOT" award. See SPOT fly a space craft, swim underwater and even ride a motorcycle through every level of unpredictable movie madness! From...
Spot: The Video Game
Unknown - Spot: The Video Game (1999)
Spot: The Video Game is a Puzzle game, with no announced release date.


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