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Games in the "Thunderhawk / Thunderstrike" Franchise

AH-3 Thunderstrike
1993 - AH-3 Thunderstrike
Sega CD, PC
Strap into your AH-3 thunderstrike and fly that sacred bird straight into the jaws of terror. Cruise into Panama and rain on a guerilla parade with deadly whistler rockets...Tour the South Seas and test out your AFG autocannon on a fleet of pirate gunboats...Eradicate terrorist strongholds with...
ThunderStrike 2
1995 - Thunderstrike 2
PlayStation, Saturn, PC
You're a combat pilot strapped into the cockpit of the meanest helicopter gunship on the planet. Dangerous missions await you, and failure is not an option. Fire up the Thunderstrike, and prepare for 360 degrees of furious carnage.
Thunderstrike: Operation Phoenix
2001 - Thunderstrike: Operation Phoenix
PlayStation 2
A deadly new adversary has struck at all the principal nations, paralyzing the world. The world's allied forces immediately call for a global summit, merging their weapons resources and technologies into a clandestine project entitled Operation Phoenix. In control of the most advanced Gun-Ship...


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