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Games in the "Adidas Power Soccer" Franchise

Adidas Power Soccer
1996 - Adidas Power Soccer
Kick off with your favorite team and take on some of Europe's finest players! A choice of team strategies, a wealth of playing options and tons of net-busting special moves guarantee a first-rate soccer experience!
Adidas Power Soccer International '97
1997 - Adidas Power Soccer International '97
- 5 Domestic Leagues (including English) - 56 International Teams - Arcade Mode Featuring Special Moves - 4 Skill Levels
Adidas Power Soccer 2
1997 - Adidas Power Soccer 2
Adidas Power Soccer 2 is a Sports game, developed by Shen and published by Psygnosis, which was released in Europe in 1997.
Adidas Power Soccer 98
1998 - Adidas Power Soccer 98
FASTER Runs at a turf-scorching 30 frames per second in hi-res. BIGGER 12 unrivalled game modes. FITTER 350 new motion-captured animations and unique special moves. FRESHER Updated team databases for season 98. STRONGER New 10,000 player database with real-life attributes.


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