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Games in the "Earnest Evans" Franchise

El Viento
1991 - El Viento
The year is 1928. In a distant galaxy, a monstrous entity watches and waits. Though his purposes are beyond the understanding of mankind, the mighty Hastur lives only to destroy, with the power to easily obliterate an entire planet. On Earth, he is worshipped as a god by a bizarre cult called the...
Earnest Evans
1991 - Earnest Evans
Sega CD, Genesis
Warning! Ancient Terror is on the Loose! In the 1930's, famed archaeologist Earnest Evans unearthed his greatest challenge: three ancient idols that together could bring an end to life on Earth. The idols were scattered at random throughout the world by the god of the winds, Hastur, before its...
Annet Futatabi
1993 - Annet Futatabi
Sega CD
Annet Futatabi is an Action game, developed and published by Wolf Team, which was released in Japan in 1993.


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