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Games in the "Assault Suits" Franchise

Target Earth
1990 - Target Earth
THE EARTH NEEDS YOU ! Enemy Chron cyborgs are attacking Earth and its space bases with lightning fury. Everyone you know and love is about to be captured and turned into cyborgs by Chron . . . unless you come to Earth's defense. You are Rex, Commander of the Earth Defense League - ASSAULT...
1992 - Cybernator
Super Nintendo
2065 AD. The nations of Earth have once again split into two major powers. The line dividing these new arch enemies reaches as far as the lunar frontier, where axis forces have constructed a moon base capable of launching monolithic intergalactic battle cruisers. Your mission is to take command...
Assault Suit Leynos 2
1997 - Assault Suit Leynos 2
Assault Suit Leynos 2 is an Action game, developed by NCS and published by Nippon Computer System, which was released in Japan in 1997.
Assault Suits Valken 2
1999 - Assault Suits Valken 2
Assault Suits Valken 2 is a Strategy game, developed by TamTam and published by NCS, which was released in Japan in 1999.
Assault Suits Valken
2004 - Assault Suits Valken
PlayStation 2
Assault Suits Valken is an Action game, developed by Psikyo and published by NCS, which was released in Japan in 2004.
Assault Suit Leynos
2015 - Assault Suit Leynos
PlayStation 4, PC
A classic reawakens Assault Suit Leynos is back and in high definition! Get ready for all-out robotic war as the fan-favourite Mega Drive classic is reworked with all new HD visuals for the ultimate alien-blasting experience! As Earth reels from the impact of the fourth world war and...


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