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Games in the "Dreamer Series" Franchise

Dreamer Series: Pop Star
2009 - Dreamer Series: Pop Star
In Dreamer: Pop Star you can become a sensational pop star and travel the globe with your spectacular performances. Sing, play guitar, drums and keyboard as you take your band to the top of the charts! Go solo or jam with your friends - the choice is yours!
Dreamer Series: Puppy Trainer
2009 - Dreamer Series: Puppy Trainer
Make your dreams come true! Welcome to your very own puppy farm! Take care of your new four-legged guests by providing them with food, water and shelter and then get to know the dogs by playing with them. The better you carry out your tasks and run the business, the more popular your puppy farm...
Dreamer Series: Horse Trainer
2009 - Dreamer Series: Horse Trainer
Take a ride in the beautiful outdoors and experience all of the thrills and excitement of owning your very own horse! Feed, groom, decorate and saddle your horse as you get him ready for the big competition! Learn the theory and practice behind horse riding and you may soon celebrate the birth of...
Dreamer Series: Shop Owner
2009 - Dreamer Series: Shop Owner
With Dreamer: Shop Owner, your dreams can come true running your own shop: a florist, grocery store and bakery! Water and cut the flowers as a florist and take care of the special needs of your customers by preparing exquisite bouquets for them. As a grocer you have to get your store organized;...
Dreamer Series: Babysitter
2009 - Dreamer Series: Babysitter
With Dreamer: Babysitter you can see what it takes to be a great babysitter! You will have a lot of fun looking after the children - and they will love you! Play with them in the sandbox and keep them entertained with toys until they can't stop laughing. Turn on some favourite music for the baby...
Dreamer Series: Teacher
2009 - Dreamer Series: Teacher
Dreamer: Teacher is the perfect choice for everyone who always wanted to know what its like to be at the head of the class. Have fun teaching your pupils how to play an instrument and how to dance. Even show them how fun art class can be! Make sure they learn about the right behaviour in the...
Dreamer Series: Top Model
2009 - Dreamer Series: Top Model
Gorgeous dresses and awesome locations! Enter the fantastic world of fashion! Discover the style that suits you best! Find out what it takes to become a top model and create your own look! Have tons of fun as you glide through the glitter and glamour of a catwalk career starting with the first...
Dreamer Series: Zoo Keeper
2010 - Dreamer Series: Zoo Keeper
Take on the role of the new animal handler at the City Zoo. Ensure that the animals are sheltered, safe and taken care of in a loving manner. Take snapshots of your favorite baby animals for the newspaper to attract more visitors. A bigger zoo budget will allow you to build better facilities for...


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