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Games in the "Horse Life" Franchise

Horse Life
2007 - Horse Life
Horse Life immerses players in the equestrian world by putting a horse right inside of their DS. Using the touch screen and microphone players must keep their horse happy and fit by feeding them, cleaning their stall and riding them. Most importantly, players put their training to the test by...
Horse Life Adventures
2008 - Horse Life Adventures
DS, Wii, iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android
You will have the ability to choose from three horse breeds, French Saddle, English Thoroughbred and Thoroughbred Arabian that you can customize by choosing the name and coat color. Once you begin your training you can visit the Tack Shop to purchase over 80 different items such as clothing,...
Ellen Whitaker's Horse Life
2008 - Ellen Whitaker's Horse Life
DS, Wii, PC
In Ellen Whitaker's Horse Life the player can select his horse from seven different breeds and can take care of it, train it and take part in various competitions. The horse's behaviour is thereby depicted in a lifelike way in real-time. All competitions in the riding world such as dressage,...
Horse Life 4
2015 - Horse Life 4
Gallop towards brand new adventures in a beautiful vast open world that's begging to be discovered! Compete in tournaments and various activities to show off what a dream team you are! Create your own character and choose a loyal companion from 12 different breeds of horse. You can customise...


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