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M&M's Mini Madness
2000 - M&M's Mini Madness
Game Boy Color
It's TRUE! The M&M's MINIs have taken over! The candy factory has gone completely nuts! With M&M's MINIs MADNESS for the Game Boy Color system, your challenge is to help those famous candy-coated stars, Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue, regain control of their candy factory from a band of renegade...
M&M's Shell Shocked
2001 - M&M's Shell Shocked
The M&M's MINIs are in charge. The candy factory is going berserk. Chaos, colors and chocolate are everywhere. Uh...... y'think you could help? *Run, jump, fly, surf and drive through over 20 levels of manic mischief. Hot 3-D action! *Bonus levels, power-ups, secret levels! *Lots of movies...
M&M's Blast!
2001 - M&M's Blast!
Game Boy Advance
IT'S SWEET! IT'S FUN! IT'S A BLAST! It's an M&M's BLAST! The sweetest party game ever! Travel across four magical lands filled with obstacles, mini-games and challenging surprises in search of those delicious M&M's MINIs. Enjoy board game action or head straight to the mini-games for classic...
M&Ms: The Lost Formula
2001 - M&Ms: The Lost Formula
M&Ms: The Lost Formula is an Action game, which was released in Europe in 2001.
M&M's Break' Em
2007 - M&M's Break' Em
Game Boy Advance, DS
Mr. Runch, a rotten and dangerous peanut, fiercely determined on being one of the M&M's®, just escaped the reject bin where he was discarded as Ghastly! He's on loose in the galaxy, and trying to kidnap and trap all the M&M's® into crystals, until he can get what he wants;...
M&M's Kart Racing
2007 - M&M's Kart Racing
Wii, DS
Fasten your seat belts for the exciting new action racing game, M&M's Kart Racing! M&M's Kart Racing breathes new life into the arcade racing by combining the adventure elements-collecting items on the race track and high speed racing with the funny and parodic style of candy competition. Compete...
M&M's Adventure
2008 - M&M's Adventure
DS, Wii, PlayStation 2
Your favorite colorful candy characters are back in their first free-roaming adventure! It's the end of the day at the MandM's Candy Factory, but one packet of candy is missing from the delivery truck! It's your mission to explore each sector of the factory and discover all of the scattered...
M&M's Beach Party
2009 - M&M's Beach Party
Your favorite M&M'S® candy characters are serving up summertime fun in M&M'S® Beach Party! Get on your feet and compete in six unique and physically challenging games like the Kayak Race, the Mr. Runch Slam, and Skee-Ball! What day at the beach would be complete without Beach...


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