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Games in the "Mario & Luigi" Franchise

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
2003 - Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
Game Boy Advance, 3DS
An evil witch has replaced Princess Peach's fair speech with explosives! Mario and Luigi must once again come to her rescue, but this time they employ the help of Bowser, their sworn enemy. Mario and Luigi must learn new moves and combine powers to fight off enemies and move closer to the...
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
2005 - Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
And you thought their last adventure was insane? In this sequel to Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, the brothers travel back in time to retrieve Princess Peach, only to come face to face with baby versions of themselves, the princess and Bowser. Teaming up with their young selves will soon send...
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
2009 - Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
In his evil plot to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, Fawful tricks Bowser into eating a magic mushroom. The mushroom causes Bowser to begin inhaling everything around him, including Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach! Do the Mario Bros. have the guts to rescue Peach and escape? Players are in control...
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
2013 - Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Mario and Luigi embark on the adventure of their dreams in a hilarious action RPG that combines the resort world of Pi'illo Island with the wild landscapes of Luigi's imagination, where anything can happen. Meet a host of hilarious characters as you strive to rescue Princess Peach and help Prince...
Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
2015 - Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
Mario and Luigi join forces with Paper Mario for a trio adventure! Luigi stumbles across a mysterious book and accidentally unleashes paper-thin versions of Princess Peach, Toad, and many others. Now he and Mario must team up with Paper Mario to help their paper friends get back to their own...
Mario & Luigi Double Pack
2015 - Mario & Luigi Double Pack
Mario & Luigi Double Pack is a Miscellaneous game, developed and published by Nintendo, which was released in Japan in 2015.

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