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Games in the "D" Franchise

1995 - D
3DO, Saturn, PlayStation, PC, Linux, Macintosh
Live the nightmare of D as the horror begins in Los Angeles National Hospital. As Laura, you must find out why your father, Dr. Richter Harris, has lost his sanity, murdered some of the patients, and taken others hostage. Are you prepared to solve the deadly crime? Among other loathsome acts, you...
Enemy Zero
1996 - Enemy Zero
Saturn, PC
It begins with the high-pitched sound of danger and ends with the victim's final breath. An invisible force is slaughtering your entire crew on a ship stranded in deep space. Suddenly all conventional combat skills are worthless as you face your greatest challenge: a silent enemy so brutal, you...
1999 - D2
Dreamcast, Dreamcast
This terror-shrouded adventure takes you to a remote northern region of the Canadian mountains. Left stranded in a vast snowy landscape after a meteor strikes her airplane, Laura finds herself in a cabin with a mysterious woman named Kimberly. Outside, horrifying creatures of alien origin roam...